RFP Introduction


The RFP framework consists of five core components: Strategy Summary, GP Summary, Strategy Details, Fund Details, and Asset Manager Information.


You are in control of your information and its visibility at all times.


Rooms are organized on a strategy basis.


Each question of the RFP has instructions. Please follow them closely.


You may use an attachment in every question to complement your answer.


Use unique-selling-proposition questions to highlight your strength regarding the applicable topic.


You have the possibility to save your answers and continue at a later stage.


Your answers represent your asset management capabilities in front of investors on the Arbour platform.

How are rooms organized on the Arbour platform?

Rooms are organized on a strategy basis. This means that each asset manager has a room per strategy.

What is a fund?

It is an investment product set under a given strategy of an asset manager or general partner.

What is a strategy?

It is the set of principles behind investment management decisions of general partners. Current strategies on the Arbour platform are direct lending, opportunistic credit, growth capital, and diversified SME lending.

Who can view my information?

The strategy summary and the GP summary is visible to all limited partners on the Arbour platform. However, limited partners must request access in order to access permissioned areas (e.g. strategy details, fund details, asset manager information). In other words, permissioned areas are only visible to selected limited partners upon your authorization.

I don’t understand the meaning of a technical term. Where can I find more details?

Please refer to our glossary or feel free to contact us.

What are the data security standards behind the Arbour platform?

At Arbour, all data should be transmitted and stored securely according to up-to-date standards. Specifically, Arbour will commit to implementing recommendations from the OWASP Cheat Sheet. In case a rule is explicitly ignored, Arbour will provide a written explanation, outlining the reasoning and the expected security impact. All data is stored on servers in areas under EU jurisdictions. Arbour will provide a security contact for reporting vulnerabilities and react to security reports within a 24 hour time window.
For more information, check our annex on technical details here.