Connect and engage with LPs - direct and seamlessly

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Your Arbour Room 

Your Arbour Room enables you to enter unlimited 1:1 relationships with global institutional investors based on the most comprehensive description of your investment strategy.


By investors for investors

Showcase your differentiation

The structure of the Arbour Room was developed by institutional investors and private credit market leaders. Interactions with investors enable you to constantly shape your story. 

The Arbour Room enables you to describe the uniqueness of your investment strategy and to underpin this uniqueness with the right information. Let investor understand what you do and how you do it. 

Keep your audience informed 

Once you update your Arbour Room, investors with access to your Room automatically see your information fully up to date.  

Unlimited 1:1 relationships with global investors 

The Arbour Platform enables you to simply invite existing and new investors to your Arbour Room. 

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Avoid regulatory grey zones

Investors accessing your Arbour Room trigger a reverse solicitation but can access your Room immediately, without any time delay.


Invite an investor to your Arbour Room 


Investor requests access  to "Investment Details" with one click


Reverse solicitation is triggered


Investor gets immediate access to your full Arbour Room 

Be part of investor searches 

Grant access to your Arbour Room to investors who are searching for investment opportunities

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Your information, under your control