Arbour is a fast-growing multinational team of technologists, business developers, campaigners and designers in Berlin.

We all share a passion for less capture and corruption in the flow of global information. We believe that a new and better phase in information technology is coming. Enabling direct relationships of mutual trust around data between organisations is at the heart of this next phase.

We started putting our technology ideas in motion in the alternative investment market, where asset managers who are providing finance to small businesses share data to access funding from investors on a transparent basis for all parties.

We soon realised that the Arbour Room, through which leading financial firms are now connecting and sharing data, could be more than we ever expected it to be and can be a way for all information-rich relationships to develop and thrive in a secure 1:1 setting.

With a roster of like-minded and experienced investors we are now rapidly building functionalities that the Arbour Room users need to share ideas and build their relationships.